Blending Art and Technology

a tool for computational artists that is easy to set up and use out of the box
terraPen’s mission is to make large format artwork easy to produce from a reliable quality product, supported through an open source community.

the terrapen

With help from creators, we have co developed the terraPen to be a reliable, large format and virtually silent tool, ready to fit within existing practices and develop new workflows.

An A2 plotter designed and created by pen plotter artists, for pen plotter artists. We're creating a platform for end users, makers and artists to use and develop their own workflows. 

Designed and built in the UK, we've listened and worked closely with the community to develop and implement a suite of tools to enhance, develop, and progress your creative outcomes, straight out the box.

For the makers


Elevate your creative company's output and unlock a world of limitless design possibilities with the cutting-edge terraPen plotter—a game-changing tool that merges technology and artistry for unparalleled innovation.


Unleash your artistic vision with the precision and versatility of the terraPen plotter— blend technology and artistry to bring your digital designs to life with unparalleled accuracy and finesse, ready for you to add your artistic flair.


The precision and versatility of the terraPen plotter is a high-precision tool that seamlessly integrates with your setup, enabling students and researchers to bring digital designs to life with exceptional accuracy and ease.


Motion system

Core XY

Large format A2 flatbed driven by a CoreXY motion system with linear rails. Providing reliable, accurate and fast plotting.


Wireless Control

Enjoy a versatile workflow from your laptop, tablet, or phone using Grbl ESP32 to power your plots.

Upload your plots as Gcode, home, press start and disconnect. The plot continues without a connected computer.

PEn lift


Repeatable, accurate, high speed with exceptional long life, but designed to be replaceable and adaptable to your needs.

community driven

Open source

Built on open-source hardware and software, all hardware designs, electronics and software are available to build upon, improve and modify.